Water Purification


Water Purification

Water quality is an important criterion in successful food and packaged drinking water business. Water from various sources like rain, open well, bore well, municipal supplies may contain dissolved and suspended impurities. Therefore, for best quality of the food processed, the water used shall be purified to achieve safety as per national or international standard. The one day’s training is planned to guide the trainees to get abreast of the minimum treatments necessary for water supplies, identify any further quality problems in the treated water and rectify the same to make the water safe for food processing. The QC personnel of all food processing and packaged drinking water units using bore well or open well water for food processing shall undergo this training.

Entrepreneurship for Development
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Preparation of Ready to Cook Products
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Preparation of
Ready to Eat Products
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Chilling & Freezing
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Thermal Processing (Canning)
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Baking & Confectionary
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Organoleptic Evaluation
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Water Purification
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Solid and Liquid Effluent Treatment (Any Aspirant)

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The licencing criteria for restaurants, Hotels and Food production units are fast changing. The standards for food business operation are also continuously improved upon. To catch up with these changes the food business operators and their personnel how to undergo proper training in most of the training modules on food safety and food processing. Hurry up to get trained please...


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MIFT is an institute offering expert training in Food Safety for all type of food production from seed production, farming, harvesting & storage of crops, Food Processing, Storage, Transportation, etc. with a view to avoid health hazards and quality problems.

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