Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP)


Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP)

This three day programme is an essential training for all managerial personnel, including general managers and looking after, purchase, production, marketing and quality. The training equips the participants to identify significant hazards, fix critical control points, establish critical limits, prepare monitoring procedures, develop corrective action procedures, formulate essential records for food safety and establish verification procedures of food safety programmes. A thorough knowledge of the above steps will enable the key production personnel of any food processing unit to achieve food safety as required by national and inter national standards and regulatory agencies. The training faculties include the pioneers of introducing HACCP and HACCP training in India. Some of them were instrumental in organizing around 150 training programmes in HACCP, PRPs and ISO 22000 for the benefit of the personnel from food industry and some regulatory agencies.

Hygiene & Sanitation in Food Processing

(For Workers)

Good Manufacturing Practice

(For Supervisory personnel)

Food Quality

(For Supervisory personnel)


(For Graduates & Supervisory personnel)

ISO 22000 FSMS

(For Graduates & Supervisors)

ISO 22000 FSMS Audit

(For Graduates and Supervisors).

Food Safety & Quality Standards and Tolerance Limits

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The licencing criteria for restaurants, Hotels and Food production units are fast changing. The standards for food business operation are also continuously improved upon. To catch up with these changes the food business operators and their personnel how to undergo proper training in most of the training modules on food safety and food processing. Hurry up to get trained please...


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MIFT is an institute offering expert training in Food Safety for all type of food production from seed production, farming, harvesting & storage of crops, Food Processing, Storage, Transportation, etc. with a view to avoid health hazards and quality problems.

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