Entrepreneurship Training in Food Processing

Entrepreneurship Training in Food Processing

These are training programmes designed for new entrepreneurs as well as existing food business operators with a view to start new production units or diversify existing units. The training offers practical and theoretical training in laboratory scale (Kitchen level) preparation of various food items as per the training title. There is no stipulated qualification for attending these training courses. However, the participants shall be able to communicate in English or Malayalam. These training programmes will enable the participants to produce various value added food items, pack them in suitable container/packing materials, store and market.

Entrepreneurship for Development
(Any Aspirant)

Preparation of Ready to Cook Products
(Any Aspirant

Preparation of
Ready to Eat Products
(Any Aspirant)

Chilling & Freezing
(Any Aspirant)

(Any Aspirant)

Thermal Processing (Canning)
(Any Aspirant)

Baking & Confectionary
(Any Aspirant)

(Any Aspirant)

Organoleptic Evaluation
(Quality Supervisors)

Water Purification
(Any Aspirant)

Solid and Liquid Effluent Treatment (Any Aspirant)

Major food safety hazards

The Biological


As the name suggests the biological hazards are living organisms in the food, which cause infectious disease to the consumers. They can be the unicellular organisms like the virus, the bacteria, multi cellular parasites like tape worm, etc....

The Chemical


Of late traditional farming practices have given way to modern methods of farming employing synthetic fertilizers, high yielding varieties, pesticides, fungicides, weedicide, etc. in agriculture, animal husbandry, poultry and fisheries. ...

The Physical


The Codex Alimentarius Commission has listed the possible physical hazards on the basis of their capacity to cause injury or even chocking of the customers (Table 14). All these items are commonly encountered in food materials handled carelessly. ...

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The licencing criteria for restaurants, Hotels and Food production units are fast changing. The standards for food business operation are also continuously improved upon. To catch up with these changes the food business operators and their personnel how to undergo proper training in most of the training modules on food safety and food processing. Hurry up to get trained please...


Dr. Mukundan's Institute for
Food Safety & Technoloy

MIFT is an institute offering expert training in Food Safety for all type of food production from seed production, farming, harvesting & storage of crops, Food Processing, Storage, Transportation, etc. with a view to avoid health hazards and quality problems.

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